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Hi, my name is Rosanne Allen! I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast. I graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Minors in Nutrition and Biology. I was a personal trainer for about 8 years in the Denver area. I discovered CrossFit in 2008 and quickly became addicted to the workouts, community and the competition side. After competing in the CrossFit Games in 2009-2011, I moved over to training in Olympic Lifting.

Today, I still compete, locally, nationally and internationally as a Master lifter. I decided to purchase a Body Fat Test Truck and the Colorado territory in 2012. After having run a very successful mobile business, for 6+ years, I’ve decided to pull my tank and place it in a permanent location. Recently, I have joined forces with a great new wellness facility and gym in Lafayette Colorado. I look forward continuing to give my clients a great testing experience, with detailed data and accurate results.


Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing is really easy to understand.

Listen to Rosanne walk us through the ins and outs of the testing procedure.